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Stefan Scores "Grand Canyon Adventure"


Stefan mentioned back in a November 2007 in a Sirius satellite interview that he would be assisting Steve Wood for the score in the upcoming movie, "Grand Canyon Adventure". In addtion Dave Matthews Band will be contributing up to 6 songs for the movie. The DMB songs used for the movie have not been announced yet.

Steve Wood has worked on numerous IMAX films through the years as well as production for Kenny Logins and numerous television ads.

Grand Canyon Adventure is a documentary about a 15-day river-rafting trip on the Colorado River aimed at highlighting water conservation issues.

Sponsor, Teva who is also running a contest in anticipation of Grand Canyon Adventure. The Teva contests grand prize is a full 15-day Grand Canyon rafting trip from Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek in 2009! Click Here for contest details and a complete list of prizes.

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