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DMB Lossless Audio 

The lossless audio we post highlight specific dates and qualities that make them stand out from the rest. Some are full shows, others are compilations of songs. Our mp3s, specifically highlight individual songs, many times with unique characteristics, i.e., (featuring a guest). Full shows will only ever be posted here in Lossless (SHN) or (FLAC) formats. 

Please be patient as we work getting lossless shows hosted back on the site. Requests for shows are welcome. 

live_shows.jpg have select shows hosted for downloading. All shows are taper recordings only and are in lossless flac or shn formats. 

These files must be converted into .wav files before they came be listened to in itunes or any other audio platform. We recommend Trader's Little Helper to convert files, but there are ther free files conversion software available. 

We are currently in the process of adding shows to the site so the selection is select right now, but more shows will be added and you are welcome to make requests for shows as well using our contact page.

Happy Listening!

- dbtp staff